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Nephites in Europe
2017 Edition

Nephites in Europe Book 2, (2017 edition) contains all new content, none of which was yet discovered for the 2006 or 2008 editions. This version provides new evidence regarding:
  • Hagoth
  • Nephi
  • Joseph
  • Lombard origins
  • German origins
  • cement, silk, ironworks, and earthworks
  • two early Germanic patriarchs,
  • Tiro and Tironian shorthand
  • another writing system that bridges the Atlantic with the so-called Anthon manuscript
  • Norse mythology
  • corroborating Asian testimony.

No price has been set. This version allows you to read and search digitally on your system, or print out to study and annotate more closely. This edition also allows a user to listen while exercising or resting.

This will be released in time for Christmas. To preorder Book 2 (2017 edition), contact John below.

Copyright John D. Nelson, 2017